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Downspouts are Essential in an Effective Gutter and Drainage System
A downspout is a vital component in protecting your home or commercial building from severe foundation, flooding, lawn and other property damage. If rain and snowmelt is not properly diverted, it can seep into windows and destroy your walls. Your building will be prone to damage due to mold and cracked foundations. While all these problems are very expensive to repair, a properly installed and effective downspout will prevent major costs and hassle down the line.
A downspout diverts the collected rain and melted snow from your gutters away from the foundation of your building. However, while a downspout is essential in protecting your home and your wallet, it can be difficult to choose from the many materials and suppliers out there. Copper Works Canada can install attractive and durable downspouts that will keep your building safe from unnecessary damage.
There are many benefits to selecting copper for your downspout, gutter and drainage needs. First of all, copper is, without a doubt, the most stainable material in face of the elements. Unlike aluminum or steel, it is not prone to rust or corrosion due to salt, toxic rain or snowmelt. Downspouts made of these materials do not have as long of a lifespan as those made with copper. Copper has a superior capability of of withstanding the drastic elements of the Canadian climate. Therefore, once installed, the necessity to replace or repair your downspout is an unnecessary concern.
Also, the main problem many people experience with their downspout is blockage. Most blockage comes from leaves and moss.  By choosing copper, you are preventing the risk of blockage as copper contains properties (algaecide and fungicide) that naturally break down moss and other blocking culprits.
Attractive, Eco-Friendly and Functional
Along with its durability in face of the elements, copper also has many other advantages to aluminum or steel. Copper is a material that can be shaped and molded in a fashionable manner. While other materials will provide an unsightly straight pipe to redirecting water, Copper Works Canada offers a wide variety of downspouts you can choose from. The selection includes corrugated squares, round and smooth tubes, curved elbows, elegant rain chains, octagons, and figurines. By using copper for your downspout, you have the choice of maintaining the visual aesthetic of your building’s design.
In selecting copper, you are also selecting a more green-friendly option. 55% of all copper used in building projects is recycled. In efforts to support more earth-conscious patterns, architects and builders are choosing copper for an increasing amount of projects.

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